Through the open door...

Welcome to Sip Lift Love, a NEW way to gym. We specialise in small group training and personal training.

Get your body moving with a fresh, challenging workout. Reach your ultimate YOU with our coaching and live your best life!

Imagine your new day:

  • A good hit of coffee, energised for a workout
  • The toughest equipment in the playground
  • Sweet tunes for the best vibes
  • A motivated crew all striving to be better
  • A workout tailored to your fitness to encourage you to reach new heights

How are we different? Our gym is our home, literally, and our members like family.

  • Support is here for you everyday of the week. At the gym, by phone, by email.
  • If you don't show, we'll text you to find out what's going on.
  • Just like family, we'll challenge you and hold you accountable. Honesty and truth at the toughest times.
  • You will go all the way!

Each members' goals are as individual as a fingerprint. Got a triathlon to train for? Want to drop a dress size? Maybe you just want to feel better naked? We guide our members on a journey so they can achieve their biggest aspirations and make that healthy life a reality.

Sip coffee, lift weights and love your life.


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Member Testimonials

"Great, functional gym that has the best equipment money can buy. Good vibes and great people. Head coach Matty is extremely knowledgeable and puts a lot of work into making sure everybody in the group sessions are lifting safely and using the correct form. He is also not afraid to push you to work harder." Bradley

"Only been training with Matty for a short time, but I love it. The most important thing I had to consider when looking for a new gym was my injuries, weaknesses and instabilities. Matty has been awesome working with these, even pointing out more we can work on so I can progress faster, become stronger, fitter, healthier and keep myself injury free. I actually hate missing a training day now." Ashleigh

"I was after a smaller more individually focused group training gym and this is exactly that. After giving larger group training a crack for a year and getting lost in the crowd I realised it was time to shake it up again. Matty has a fantastic upbeat positive attitude (even at 5.30am) and I really feel I'm getting better results even after 6/8 weeks. He knows what he is doing and he does it well. If you want to see results, and take it to the next level, Matty is your man." Brendan

Group Training
Concept 2
V-Sit Group

Training Options



Classes run 7 days so we fit into anyone's timetable.

Constantly varied each week, your body will adapt more quickly so you get fitter, stronger, and look better naked. This programming covers all aspects of fitness from strength and cardio, to resistance and stretching. For the best results we train so you're not repeating the same movements, or training the same intensity. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Class details
Personal Training

Personal Training

Fitter, stronger, faster, lighter, bigger. We will help you find your goals/passions and guide you to get there. With 10 years in the industry and 1000's of clients, Matty has you covered. Some clients have lost over 50kgs, some have succeeded in shedding 3 dress sizes and others now deadlift 2x their body weight. If you're wanting to return to training after injury, we can help there too. Results are key!

Open Gym

Open Gym

Do it your way - on your time. With a PT always on hand for hints/tips and a spot if you need it. As well as playing with the pups and pre workout coffee, what more could you ask for?

Class 60 Minute


60 minutes

Hybrid System
Crossfit x Bodybuilding
A hybrid system designed to make you STRONGER, MOVE BETTER, FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER NAKED
Squat, Deadlift, Press, Pull. In as many varieties, formats, sets, reps, and tempos as possible
20 classes per week

Class 60 Minute


60 minutes

Cardio in ALL it's glory!
Row, Ride, Ski, Jump, Move moderate + fast
Tempo / Pacing
These are varied in degree, difficulty, modality, time and variation to keep your mind + body guessing and adapting.
From 20 seconds - 40 minutes without "rest" these sessions will make you all round the fittest you've ever been
15 classes per week

Meet the Team

Head coach Matty is in his 10th year of coaching and lives in HQ with the 3 pooches (Indiana 2, Hunter 1, Jax 2 months). You'll see & hear them offering support around the gym, they love the belly rubs. His partner, Alida, is behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. The team is here to help you on your journey to where ever it is you want to go.

Matty started in the industry as a Personal Trainer for a number of years before developing his coaching with RBT, CrossFit and F45. With many amazing transformations, weight-loss stories and happy clients, he's proudly been able to open his own gym with his own unique programming. He is well known for his challenging workouts and witty humour, ability to motivate, and care for helping people change their lives for better. He's not afraid to call you out on your excuses either.



Owner & Head Coach



Owner & Manager



The Princess



Support Trainer


Casual Options

Drop In (Per session)
Access to all gym equipment.
Open 7 Days.

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Single Class
($180 10x Punchcard - 1 mth expiry)
Access to all classes.

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Unlimited training


Access to all classes.
​Priority Check-In.
Nutrition Guidance.
Includes Open Gym.

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Upfront 3 month Premium Membership

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Personal Training


One session per week · $70.
Two sessions per week · $130.
Three sessions per week · $180.
All PT packages include open gym membership.

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Corporate Group Training


Tailored Packages starting from $100 p/w.

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* Reduced rates available for 3, 6, & 12 month commitments, Defence Personnel and Emergency Service workers. Call To Find Out More.